Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Adam and Jon: Battle Royale

In the past I've said that I don't always know that far in advance what I'm turning up to on my days at Splat.  This one I've known about for quite some time but didn't think I'd actually get to help out because the original date wouldn't have been one that I could do.  But then it snowed and snowed and snowed some more and then trying to get the stars together on the same day proved challenging. So when Splat messaged to say "Don't suppose you're free that Sunday are you?" I didn't exactly hesitate too long before saying yes.  To be honest, when Splat asks you to assist on a shoot with Jon AND Adam in the same tank you know it's because they want to seriously up the levels of mess and want to make sure that everything is captured from as many angles as possible to give the fans the chance to see two true gunge legends playing off each other.

They did NOT disappoint.

First thing to highlight is that they both return each season for two reasons.  1) They are drop dead gorgeous people (both looks and personality wise) and that always shows through on the videos.   2) Yes we've had a run of good luck recently (with models that have turned up that is!) but even with Beau, Henry et al we've had to "coach" them as to what they need to do to on camera. Adam and Jon *know*.  Even when it's games they've not done before or games that aren't the usual Splat fare they know what the fans are after and they give it in abundance.  It helps of course that this is a rematch and that they're both deeply competitive people.  Of course, we would never capitalise on that and we would never throw them head to head and make the tank full to the brim for each time to really make them fight to stay clean. It's also a good job that they pay close attention because occasionally we might have lost track of who was winning!

Arm wrestling.  Nice simple start.  Originally planned as a best of five, we ended up making it best of three because they REALLY got into it.  I'm not going to put in any details of who won/lost because you really need to see the footage to see just how up for it they were.  I also won't be a cad and say who had bigger biceps.... but truth be told they are both fit as hell at the moment and man it showed! If you like rippling muscle in Lycra, this opening segment is for you.  First tanking down.... two tonne of photos taken (seriously, they both look utterly amazing and I really had to focus on my camera man duties rather than just drool over the gun show) and first cleanup of the day.  Whilst the loser showers, I chat with the winner whilst transferring three huge buckets of gunge from the bottom of the tank to the top and then adding more in fresh.  If you look at my twitter feed you'll notice I post my gym workouts and they rarely include back or leg sessions.  That's because Splat is my back and leg day and I know what's planned for later on, I think today counts my cardio for the week too!

Game two. Well not really a game, but the result of the #teamJon or #teamAdam twitter vote (if you're not on the Splat twitter feed.... we are interactive!). I have to admit I feel guilty sometimes about joining in on the votes. On the day I try and be as impartial and as fair as possible but sometimes it's too tempting not to join in.  So a public sorry to Adam for voting against him, but you'll need to watch the show to find out how others voted.  Adam vs Jon.  It's a REALLY tough call and if the vote ever comes up again, Adam I promise I'm #teamAdam from here on in.  And yes we are all seriously happy for your upcoming good news.

Back to the competition.  One Splat classic and one new game with a new competitive edge.  Splat has a history of setting really evil quizzes and difficult physical challenges. The guys excelled themselves.  Even by their high standards these two segments were a joy to witness.  I need to check one of the answers to one question because I think we got it wrong and the modification we made to the existing game worked perfectly (though trying to do camera work for the Fan Club as well as tidy up at the same time as fun... seriously, if we hadn't done today as a two camera shoot then the fan club would have been deprived of..... nope, that's a spoiler).  A break from the contest was then needed for "Flans from the Fans" (thank you to each and every one of you who donated a flan to the cause) and then a much longer break was needed to rebuild the tank, fill BOTH tanks with gunge and then get the Splat Storm done. 

Normally the Storm is the end of the shoot (and usually the end of my energy) but today had a special last segment.  A few years back Splat swore they wouldn't do gunge wrestling again.  Yeah right.  We totally reset the room, put the new pool in place, loaded it with gunge (possibly a bit too much as it went everywhere) and then left Adam and Jon to wrestle whilst we tried to get as much filmed from as many angles as possible.  They REALLY went for it.  Remember what I said about them knowing what the fans wanted? Well they didn't hold back. I can't, at the moment, think of two other models who would have gone for it quite so enthusiastically and physically!

With the wrestling done, Adam and Jon shower and depart.  Paperwork is done downstairs whilst I use up the last of the supply of towels to get the pool cleaned out.  About an hour later the room is reset for tomorrow.  Well, the tank is anyway.... we then spend about half an hour building a brand new prop for tomorrow and making sure it works.  We sketch out the filming order and breathe a sigh of relief.  Not because this was a difficult show but because we both know it went beyond our expectations.  Adam and Jon deserve medals for what they did today.  All I can give them is my absolute respect.  


Back to the very start of the day.  No.  Back several days.  For non Splat related reasons my dysmorphia has been bad, but bad in new and weird ways (albeit good ways, it's.... complicated.)  Pete has spent an age reassuring me over whatsapp and I arrive at the station with a huge bag load of supplies for the shoot (along with a few things for the next day).  We get to Splat HQ.  Jon and Adam are already there.  I get in, drop my bag on the floor and Adam instantly heads over and shakes my hand.  And my dysmorphia leaves the building.  Seriously, Jon, Adam and Pete are amazing.  During the shoot we discuss all kinds of gym things and, combined with the events of the last few days, I leave Splat HQ with more optimism than I've had in months.  And that's 100% down to THREE absolute gunge legends...


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Beau

Splat shouldn't be mysterious.  Okay the models might occasionally be a little baffled (I still find it hard to comprehend how you could turn up for a shoot knowing nothing about what you were going to be doing) and sometimes it might get a little surreal (if you haven't got the Easter special yet with "that" outfit then you really should) but it shouldn't start with a mystery and end on a cliffhanger.... but today really broke the rules.  Apparently I'm not me, Pete filmed a show he knew nothing about and The Mysterious Mr Beau has a case of messy amnesia.

Pete's cheery and bouncy.  He has a really good feeling about the shoot and, for once, I'm almost totally relaxed and "issue free". I set the room up whilst Pete mixes gunge in the bathroom and then we reconvene at the window that looks out on to the road, waiting for Beau to arrive. We joke about doing a "film them walking down the street" type intro and when we see someone heading for Splat HQ with confident strides, we know it's Beau.  I'm half tempted to grab a camera and actually take Pete seriously but decide against it (don't want to scare them off as they come in the front door).  We head down and let him in.  Now, it's not that I don't pay  attention to the models (trust me, even on days that are totally anxiety free my brain still goes through the process of sizing them up on the "trigger" front so I am paying close attention of sorts) but when it's Pete just doing basic introductions you don't always remember everything word for word.  So what follows isn't necessarily 100% accurate on the wording and I wish I HAD recorded it but part of the exchange went

PETE: So this is your first shoot with us...
BEAU: (To Pete) No I did one years back and (to me) I remember working with you.

At which point Pete looked utterly baffled and my jaw apparently hit the floor.  Trust me, I would remember if I'd even met Beau before. With his longer hair than in his publicity pics the most appropriate adjective for his looks would be "dashing" and I'd remember his face and tattoos if I'd done any kind of show with him (plus I haven't done so many shows that I've started to forget who I've done!) So we have something of a mystery.  Pete, naturally, tries to dig deeper.  Beau is certain that he's done Splat before.  He remembers doing it in a garden, he remembers gunge and he remembers baked beans.  Yeah I would DEFINITELY remember doing that show.  He says he will dig out the messages about it at some point and we definitely can't wait.  Except his messages don't go back that far on his phone.  Pete runs the Splat website (let's face it, Pete IS Splat in all its formats) and is certain he's never seen Beau at Splat before. So, when you watch the show (you will watch it, won't you) you will hear lots of chat about what he's done gunge wise before and how this compared to his previous visit.  If you watched on the live feed you'll also have noticed Pete and I talking in hushed tones about the revelation (even on the live feed we do have to be a bit careful what we say out loud) so yes, the day is shrouded in a mystery. You'll also notice that a few times we use names that aren't familiar to you all. That's because, shock horror, not every model uses their real name and sometimes we forget what we're supposed to call who.

What... you want the answer? Well you've got a bit more to read before the reveal.  

You'll hopefully be wanting to know how the shoot itself went. Well Beau might be Mr Mystery but he's also Mr Damn-Good-Star! He's another one who instinctively gets what Splat is about even if the set up today is very different to his previous outdoor visit (he's even bought flip flops with him, I'm beyond impressed). He gives the reaction I want to Gunge Tank Escape (the "oh god that was so obvious how didn't I win" response) and he's outgoing in his interview. The interview, as a side note, isn't just a gratuitous tanking, fun as that is anyway.  With Beau being someone Pete and I haven't worked with before and only met for the first time about 30 minutes ago, it's absolutely vital for US as we get to get a feel for what we have ahead, gives us ideas for mini modifications to upcoming games and we get a chance to work out how he's going to respond to instructions and ideas. But basically he's going to be GREAT. Pete asks about one of his distinctive tattoos and I ask about the gym. We ask about what he's done in the past and what he's expecting. Then we tank him because it's damn good fun!

During the shoot we try out one new game, it doesn't quite go as planned (and I'm threatened with punishment as it's sort of my…. Oh okay, I designed the game, had to reinvent it on the spot to make it fit the over all show a bit better and failed to think one piece through) BUT it leaves the three of us giggling our heads off and hopefully that makes up for the minor booboos. Beau happily poses for photos between games (a couple will be used for publicity on social media but they're mostly for the Fan Club as are the candid videos I've shot) and I can't express how much of a damn nice guy he is. For the show's I've been involved with, Pete's track record is 100% for easy going, funny and sincere people. Beau is another ego free contestant and the shoot sails past. We do the closing interview, Pete and I get more information from him about the gym, his tattoos and how it compares to his previous shoot (yay, we were better than…. Errrrr…. Us???) and for a moment I have compassion for what he's about to get in the Splat Storm. Then I've got the gunge blaster in my hand, compassion goes out of the window and he gets the equivalent of about six buckets over him in the space of a few minutes. As he cleans himself down for the final time, he jokes he wishes he'd had goggles like last time.

Before I give away the ending to the mystery, I'm going to let you in to a Splat Show secret. Tomorrow we're shooting with Malcolm and he's getting the “cold and smelly gunge” as he lost the vote. So to let you in on a secret, to make the cold and smelly gunge… we simply reuse gunge from the previous shoot. So my last job for the day is to salvage three VERY full buckets of gunge from the ankle deep slop in the bottom of Beau's shoot and put it to one side for Malcolm tomorrow. Sorry Malcolm, when we say you're getting cold and smelly, we mean it! No fakery, no trickery and no “acting”. When we say we're going to do something, we do it.

So, the reveal. I'm not sure if I'm offended by this or not but Beau HAS done a gunge shoot before, just not with us (and, more importantly, with someone shorter than me, built totally different to me and with dark hair!) and before I leave for home I tell Pete where I've seen him before. 1) Off and on camera, when we were discussing the gym, I've pieced together an idea of how long he's been working out and what he's focussed on 2) Pete asked about his tattoos he gave us quite a lot of detail about them including which order he got them in. 3) Turns out, like some of our other models, he's worked under other names. 4) Yes, I work with Splat (and I still buy the shows I'm not involved with) and I've been a gunge fan for a very long time…. So I know my gunge shows and I've only ever seen one show in the past where the model wore goggles.

Beau, if you're reading this, I really want to say wow. I've just watched the show you did with someone else a long time ago. I don't just want to say wow for today (because believe me you deserve it for that alone) but I've seen the change you've made to your body. The stuff we talked about, your dedication shows. I know how hard it can be to change the way you looked but man you have done it incredibly! So I want to end this blog by raising my hat to you. Not just a damn decent person, not just a great gunge recipient but also someone who has my complete and utter respect for remoulding yourself the way you have.

And more than that, I want to say how deeply DEEPLY jealous I am of your hair.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Messy Easter 2018 Shoot


Every shoot for Splat this season seems to be a big shoot.  Either sheer quantity of numbers (the day of the boybands), seriously talented actors/models (Henry) or, as in today, sheer quantity of gunge.  Also, a big day for me personally as well but more of that at the end.

We've had a whole batch of new faces this season so it's about time the returners...
Um..... returned. In one corner we have the muscle mountain that is Kyle and in the other we have the mountain of talent that is Joe.  It was a pairing too good to ignore and what better way to throw them together than in Splat's first Easter special in far too long a time. When Joe turns up he normally hosts so, to make it extra special, we put him in the midst of the action.

Now Easter isn't an "obvious" hook but I think we pulled it off.  We squeezed in eggs of numerous sorts (not just the chocolate ones Joe and others munched their way through off camera), food reviews of hot cross buns (yes really and repeatedly), bunnies (you will love how they both look in bunny ears), Coc... sorry chickens and chocolate. And chocolate. And more chocolate. Oh and lycra of course ;) As usual I don't want to give away too much but I think I can safely make the following claims about the Easter show:
- seriously big rankings (I'm the one that fills it between takes and I guarantee I was to the absolute limit every time)
- gloriously colourful tankings (full tank means lots of new gunge made up as the show progressed)
- banter by the bucket load (Joe and Kyle get competitive and sneaky and I'm off camera trying not to collapse laughing)
- props and new games (if you watched on the live feed you'll know we really worked on making them as fair as possible before recording them) 
- and most importantly it has everything that makes Splat what it is, daftness, fun and damn good tankings. 

I write these blogs on the train home so everything is fresh in my mind.  This show is going to sit in my brain for a long time to come.  Joe was the first show I ever bought so working with him bought back a huge amount of happy memories.  He's fast witted, easy going and inventive.  He knows what the fans want.  He knows how to deliver it and he does it without any pretentions. I don't think we could phase him with games and quizzes... but after today damn it I plan to try.  Though this is Joe who, a few days ago, we sent a picture of a bunny girl outfit to and said "This is what you're wearing".... and he replied with his bust size.

So that's what we got up to today.  Buy the show and you'll see just how mad it got.  Even I cheekily got in on the anarchy a few times.  And this where I want to say why this was such a big day for me.

Yeah, injury and illness have meant I've not been at the gym as much as my brain would have liked.  When you have dysmorphia, being away from the gym can make things challenging.  Kyle is a big guy.  Trust me.  He fills that tank. So I had to be sure that I was going to cope today.  I've had nothing but reassurance from Pete and Joe for the last week or two.  Splat really is in my corner.  I know Pete is watching out for me and Joe is so insanely funny he's impossible not to be cheerful around.  So when I turned up this morning I knew 100% I was in the safest hands I could be.  And Kyle... Yeah.  He's a big guy but another one that doesn't have any arrogance in his body. Just muscle.  And a wicked smile.  If you're thinking about a private shoot I can assure you that Splat is a really welcoming environment. Pete knows how to find the right people and he knows how to make people relax and be at their best.  Trust me, if *I* feel safe at Splat (and I really do) then it must be a truly special environment. And I hope today we've made an insanely special show for you as a result of it.

James (Fitgeek_UK on Twitter)

Friday, March 09, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Henry Shoot

In case you hadn't noticed, it's been snowing recently.  So that meant February wasn't exactly shoot heavy for Splat... and March has been left as a very full month! Ahead there are some returning faces but today was (technically) our 7th new face of the season... and he's already on our "we have to bring him back" list.  

There isn't such a thing as a standard splat shoot.  Along with Henry being an unknown quantity we've got one new game to try out and a reworking of a splat regular along with storms, interviews and lots of foam.  There's a real buzz at HQ about this one though, somehow we both get the feeling it's going to go well.  When Henry arrives... yeah we KNOW this is going to be a good shoot. Along with being seriously good looking (we later agree that the photos that were used to publicise him didn't do him justice) he's got a relaxed manner about him that means within minutes of the shoot starting it's like he's a legacy model.  He has no pretentious airs around him even though he's got a majorly impressive CV behind him already, he instantly gets the tone of the shoot and instinctively knows what Splat and the camera wants and, by the end of the shoot he's even helping shift buckets around to help fill the tank. At one point I did want to ask Pete if this was some kind of set up but nope, Henry is just one of those people who is beautiful inside and out.

Now I don't want to spoil too many surprises in the shoot so yes I'm going to tease a little.  I suggested to Pete a new take on one game.  TECHNICALLY it has better odds for the model to stay clean.... but I don't let mere technicalities get in the way and I'm happy to say that the new take seemed to work well and Henry gave the reaction I was after when he realised.... No. I can't say what he realised but I'm very happy with what we got out of him.

If you've never watched on the live feed... oh man you really missed out today.  A few models do the game, shower, do the next game.... and then we get guys like Henry who really love talking and giving us an insight into their personalities.  It makes our job so much easier and it meant his interview could have gone on so much longer.  So many things were hinted at off camera that live feed viewers will have heard (oh and seen.... he LOVED the live feed) that we could probably do half a dozen shows about him! Plus of course it gave us ideas to work into the other games.  What you'll see on camera really wasn't planned or in the script but he played along with everything we suggested like a Splat pro.

That's the other joy of the splat shoots... Pete is really flexible.  Yes we have a script with the games etc but if something happens that means one game has to be reworked at the last minute, we rework it.  I'm saying this because you'll hear us mention a game that doesn't seemingly get played.  My bad.... I picked up a prop for a game that turned out not to be as the packaging indicated.  Pete just shrugged his shoulders, let me wildly improvise and the result was a game which actually had me holding my breath as it went down to the final question and even I didn't know if Henry would escape unscathed or not.  

In another blog I'll talk more about the behind the scenes stuff but for now I'm going to leave it as "Damn, that was a GREAT day". I'm exhausted, I've not eaten since breakfast... but I'm unbelievably happy and I really hope we see more of Henry in the future.  Not just on Splat but on the stage and the screen because the guy is seriously talented.

That didn't stop us seriously SERIOUSLY gunging him though ;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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This Splat! Blog post features all the content currently on The Splat! Fan Club along with links to view the content. You need to be a member of The Splat! Fan Club to view the links. Why not join today? There is always something happening along with fresh and exciting new exclusive club content.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Behind The Gunge: Boybands Everywhere!

New season and new faces.  Not just a couple of new faces either but FIVE guys who've never been gunged before. Season 16 just hit new heights of mess and mayhem...

Roll back a few days. Even though the shoot was on a Monday, the planning and contracts have been in place for a while but supplies need to be purchased.  I'm lucky, I've got a cluster of pound type shops all around me so I start on what I now think of a The Pie Run, a few cans of foam and a few cartons of custard per shop and each shop done a few times... that's just about enough to get us through a five man shoot I hope. Snacks (well, mostly protein bars because I'm still having body issues and I've seen the promo shots of Pretty Boy Karma) and various changes of clothes also packed in the backpacks.

Sunday night... final arrangements for travel etc agreed (unusually for me I've pre booked tickets) and bleugh... my alarm set for an hour I wish didn't exist on my day off.  But it's Splat and I know it'll be worth it once I'm there.

Monday morning.  Pets given food for the day, I make myself popular on the tube with two backpacks (please no one ask me what's in them or try and move them out the way with their feet.... my brain doesn't want to contemplate what would happen if the custard or the foam split open)  and then national rail to Splat.  Right through this I remind myself it's someone else's shoot and I'm there as crowd control and "muscle" and I don't have to do any actual thinking. I get to SplatHQ and we wait for the arrivals.

And wait.

And wait.

I'm not saying they were late BUT there's a shared knowledge between Pete, Tim and myself that shoots take time and the gunge is getting cold.... actually, that second point is cause for much delight and several texts are exchanged saying they've brought it on themselves.  The good thing though is they seem to have a sense of humour about it.  This gives the three of us hope.  When they do arrive there's that sudden moment of realisation with pretty much every shoot with newbies.  We have five boyband members at HQ.  We have to film two shows, keep things moving AND keep things safe.  However they all seem really attentive when we run through things with them.  I'm actually pretty damn impressed.  Guys, if you're reading this....  yeah, you were great from the moment you entered to the moment you left.  Keep that attitude up and people will love working with you.  First impressions are everything and you made a real good one.

So the shoot.  We are usually pretty flexible with the shoots but today's was the Splat equivalent of a military operation.  I'll let you into a secret.  We only have one shower.  We normally only film with one guy, maybe two.  One shower is enough.  But five guys...? The guys are great though.  They're a bit bemused at first but once we describe it as the atmosphere of I'm a Celebrity (i.e. challenges with forefeits) they seem to grasp it. Offshore kick things off upstairs and I do the prep for one of Pretty Boy Karma's segments downstairs with them.  Pete's dealing with the technical side (twitter etc) and things actually run, shock horror, pretty damn smoothly.  I'm on tank duty as well (one day, on one of these big shoots, I'll remember not to do the gym the day before because those buckets are heavy and regular) and through the course of the shoot I only spill a bit once.  Okay the tank was its usual leaky self but know what, I'm really fond of that thing and though I secretly hope I'll end up back in it one day, yes I do actually enjoy the behind the scenes cleaning etc.  If you've ever watched the live feed you'll know how many times I have to scoop the gunge out! What you possibly don't realise though is how much gunge leaves the tank  during the shoot.  The matting in front of the tank turned into something akin to an ice rink today and yes, for the gunge tank karaoke I get carried away again and miss the tank a few times spreading the mess further.  Well.  I say I "miss" but where's the fun if the guys know where it's going each time?  Plus we have THREE guys in the tank at once at one stage, there's hardly any room left for gunge as it bounces off them!

The shoot lasts something like five hours in total. We finish as we started with Offshore in the tank.  How did they cope with gunge tank karaoke?  That would be telling.  Same as it would be telling which body parts Pretty Boy Karma are happiest with, which boyband member is the smartest and it would DEFINITELY be telling which one of the five tried to, ahem, boost his ego when in Lycra.

Five guys

One day

More happy memories than I can count.  2018 is going to be an awesome year.  Just hope they don't question why I'm back in Poundland tomorrow stocking up for the next shoot....

Monday, January 01, 2018

The Splat! Show Award Winners

Gunge guru on Twitter @GungeKing held his annual Gunge Awards last night and he awarded us some awards. Here they are!

Thank you to GungeKing for taking time out to run these fun awards and thanks for the awards and congrats to all the other winners! 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

End Of Year Message

Hey guys,

Pete here with my annual end of year and season message!

Where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that Benji and Jordan were here filming the first show of season 15. But nearly a whole year has passed since then and a lot of guys have taken a trip into our Gunge Tank for your pleasure.

Of course things don't always go to plan, the less said about the David and Matty shoots the better. But there has been far more ups than downs this year compared to last. Good thing too, this could of easily been the last season I would produce if 2017 was a repeat of 2016. Thankfully 2017 was a good year. I was finally able to sort my time out to get the shoots done, admin the website and still hold down a full time Job. Something that nearly killed me in 2016.

When I look back at the year just passed, I feel like its the strongest season I have produced since taking over the shoots. Every shoot was a joy to work on. Meeting new models, welcoming back old faces and meeting fans at private sessions. Everything was just a pleasure.

So what are my personal highlights from this year? Scouting Aiden early on the season was a true gem. Persuading models to come on the show is a challenge, we put the hard work in and Aiden agreed to come and shoot. The results? Possibly my favourite shoot of the year. From working with Aiden, to talking to him off camera about Splat!, the whole shoot was a fantastic experience. It was also a great pleasure for me and the fans that Aiden agreed to come back and film our Halloween Special too!

Josh's shoot was a also a standout moment from me. I won't go into into much depth, but have you actually watched his show!?

As we move into our next season we have some big stuff planned. We already have our massive season 16 shoot planned and you can support it via the website. We also have a MEGA star booked for a shoot in February too but we will reveal that closer to the time. Our legacy models will return for our first three model Splat! Show. During season 15 Ash, Kyle and Jon went head to head in various shows and closing this legacy battle specials with a mega three way has to be done! Oh, but we will get Ash and Jon together first! We have so much coming!

We have also revealed that we are building new equipment for the show. These will come online over the course of season 16. We will have more details soon!

I want to thank every single model who has come to Splat! HQ this year to shoot their shows. Thank you to the lovely fans I have met during their private sessions and I want to thank you, the fans who support the shows. If you are a member of the fan club, buy one show or many, just thank you! I love what I do (mostly) and Splat! is nothing without your support!

Thank you Splatters!

Have a great new year!


James (Fitgeek) for his support

Ash for mechanical support

Tim Willett

My Bed 

My Washing Machine

All of you! (well if you enjoy what we do, if not why are you here!?)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Behind The Gunge Blog - Gaberiel Shoot

It’s the start of another two days of shooting with Splat and it’s something of a big weekend (again).  Both days involve faces that aren’t just new to Splat but, as far as we know, new to gunge.  This makes it a leap into the dark for everyone, and potentially two very difficult shoots.  So I do what every sane person does.  I leave the house at 7.15 to head off for the train station, whilst pouring several cans of energy drink down my throat, getting as much chocolate inside me as possible and then spend the train journey playing computer games.  Anything to stop my brain reminding that the first virgin is one of the UK’s hottest adult stars.  And I’ll be in the room with him.  And he’ll be in lycra…. I just hope no one asks me why I’m carrying a backpack full of cans of shaving foam and a carrier bag full of custard.  That could be a difficult one to explain away.

Arriving at HQ, Pete and I go through the plans for the shoot.  We can’t do anything too risky, we both know all too well that if the model doesn’t take to gunge then we’re going to be on difficult ground.  On the flip side we can’t make it too “plain” either… decisions decisions.  We also realise we don’t know if Gabriel is going to be happy to talk about his work on camera as he does other jobs as well.  So instead we concentrate on the most important decision of the day. What colour gunge to start off with in the tank.

We gamble on pink.  Gabriel arrives.  We make our introductions.  And our worries fly out of the window.  Not only do we know that pink is a great starting colour but we know from the start that Gabriel is going to be very easy to work with.  Whilst he gets into his first outfit, we breathe a sigh of relief. 

Let innuendos commence!

No shoot is ever what I’d call straight forward but having someone like Gabriel in the tank definitely makes things so much easier.  He’s easy going, relaxed and very easy to talk to.  The interview segment goes pretty smoothly and, even better, Gabriel seems to readily play up for the camera and knows how to entertain.  If anything, I’m finding the shoot hard to concentrate on not because he’s a huge star but more because he’s making me laugh so much! I keep reminding myself that Splat is very much supposed to be PG.  Mentally I decide to “accidentally” stretch it to a 12… though with Gabriel’s use of language I think we’re very much in the 18 category!

Lots of bucket lugging goes on.  For a five segment show, the tank probably has to be loaded at least three times.  And it takes a LOT of gunge to fill it.  I’m determined that my dysmorphia isn’t going to get in the way today so I tell myself that all the lugging around counts as my gym workout for the day.  It’s definitely very good for the arms and shoulders and back! I’m definitely insanely jealous of Gabriel’s confidence but he’s so entertaining to be around that I can keep my brain in check.  That and I know Pete is looking out for me.  He knows my issues, he knows what I can be like and drops the occasional check on me whilst Gabriel’s out of the room.  Today though is a good brain day. It doesn’t wander where it shouldn’t.  Even my hands stay mostly under control, it’s just my tongue that lets the occasional rude comment slip in.  They’re accidental.  Of course.  Mostly.

The day flies by.  We thank Gabriel for being such a good sport and he heads off.  I start work cleaning the tank and Pete starts cleaning up the rest of the room.  He’s even good enough to point out that if I reset the stopper in the tank it won’t drip on me so much whilst I’m in there (yes, I like gunge, but not whilst I’m supposed to be cleaning!).  Pete and I chat for a bit and then I take my leave… I’ve offered to do the planning for day two, so I’ve got to get home to actually write the thing.  The train ride home though is far less stressy than the journey there.  

I’ve just worked with a adult star… and when you buy the video I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much of the flirting was real and how much was put on for the show.  In my mind I know the answer…

Monday, November 06, 2017

Jon Update - Working Out During Downtime

Hey guys,

Jon hasn't been at Splat! HQ since he wrapped production on The Jon and Friends Mini Series this summer. Do not worry Jon fans, Jon has not left Splat, he is just having a few months off. So what has Jon been up during his break away from The Gunge Tank? Well it appears Jon has been using the time off to work on his body. Want a look?

Jon was kind enough to send us some pictures of his progress so far.

What do you think?

Jon will be next at Splat! HQ later this month for his final show of season 15 and it's final entry in our Legacy Model Battle Specials. Yep, two of the biggest and most Gunged models in our history go head to head ASH VS JON!